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From my experience over the years, I have found out that we ladies buy our skincare products with all the wrong reasons, and this list is just a few of what I have discovered over time. Enjoy:

  1. It’s a popular brand: This makes me laugh most times, as I have been guilty personally in the past due to this particular reason, but I have discovered that not all the popular brands are effective as they claim, neither are they as good as claimed.

A good number have gained ground to prove themselves over the years, as a result of that, they have become popular.

Some other brands who have the money to put into good advertising tend to become popular too, due to good marketing strategies, as a result, a lot of people tend to purchase such brands because they have become known and therefore a popular brand. This is a NO, NO.

Not all the brands create products for all skin types, which makes it a no popular demand for your every skin type and that will bring me to my next point:

  1. My Friend is using it: Yes this is another blunder most of us ladies commit. Some of us jump into using a skincare product because their friend is using the exact same product without even asking if that product is right for their skin type or not.

On this note, I will, therefore, state that because your friend is using a product or brand does not mean the same will be ideal for you.

So my advice will be that before you ever start using a particular product, please confirm if the product is safe for your type of skin, and if it is, then confirm from the right source if its okay for your skin type.

If you do not know about your skin type, please read here, or use products created for all skin types, that way you will most likely avoid issues, even though its best you know about your skin type.

On this blog, I have also posted about knowing your skin type and how to manage your skin type here. So please read it to stay informed.

  1. It smells good. Lol, I am laughing out my head right now, as I have met people who will never buy a brand because of the smell. You know yourself, hands up in the comment section.

Organically crafted skin care products smell really nice if the right processes are followed.

Therefore never again should you buy a skincare product based on the smell as some of the smell/ scents may have just been fragrance.

  1. It is Cheap: Cheap does not necessarily mean okay and vice versa. That a product is cheap and within your reach does not make it perfect for you, neither does that make it safe for you either.

Purchasing cheap skincare products sometimes can be dangerous because most of the ingredients used are bad chemicals made.

These ingredients are cheaper for the company to produce or purchase, but hazardous to skin health.

I have noticed that most of the dangerous products are very cheap and affordable and this is so off.

So my advice will be to start small and get more as you get financially strong.

You can save up to purchase and manage your good and reliable skin care products as best as you can.

You also do not need to use all products from a particular brand except you choose to and can afford them, neither do need to do all process every time, except also you can afford to add them up. For example;

You can start by using soap, body and face lotion 1st, thereafter add up toner, mask etc as you can afford to and as your need arise too. This will also lead me to my next point.

  1. It is expensive: Like I said above that its expensive does not make it good either.

I have seen skin care products that tend to be very dangerous even at the fact that it is expensive, and this is even more annoying because they are out to make an excessive gain at the expense of the skin health of others.

They are just so money conscious that they use the cheapest of ingredients to craft out their product content and still tend to sell high, which even makes me more angry about such product brands.

For the Grace of God why will anyone do that, its so wrong, but it happens.

So my advice will be to read every product ingredient very well, look out for bad ingredients to avoid and probably hold them up when purchasing any skin care product, that way it will be easy not to fall a victim.

  1. The packaging looks good: Yes this is obviously a pleasure to the sense of sight, but that should not be a yardstick for purchasing any skincare product whatsoever.

There are certain types of packaging that I think should be avoided for certain skincare contents use, which I will talk about and place the link here.

So my advice will be to get a small separate pump bottle for your face and transfer a little portion, so as to avoid the content from getting contaminated, as a result of constantly placing your fingers into the container.

Other than that, please get a skincare product that is right for you to use and not because the content occupies a beautiful bottle space.

7. It works like magic: This is another very funny reason for buying any skincare product.

How on earth do you think anything will work in a few days.

Consistency is the key to the use of any skincare product.

Therefore, never think that you can just start using a product today and expect it to start doing magic for you due to what you heard and read or because your friend used it and it worked for her/him in a short period of time does not mean it will do same for you.

Please be patient, because patience is key in your skincare journey.

8. I must use all the products from a particular skincare brand: This is one of the biggest lies in the skin care industry.

Picking all your skin care products from a particular brand, will not make your skin any better if the products are not right for you. Only pick a product because it is what your skin demand and is hungry for, not because “it will not work for me because I did not use all their products”.

In conclusion, we all have different skin types like I have said before.

I have also realized that some skin types and texture are softer than some, making some product work faster for some than others.

Some others have never removed the dead skin cells from their skin through exfoliation, which also determines how fast and effective a skin care product will be to such a skin type.

So my advice will be to seek professional advice and help before purchasing any skincare product type to achieve an optimal result as expected.

Contact us if you will be needing any skincare purchasing help.

Hi. My name is Nene Pearl Ojukwu. I started this blog and brand as a result of my Love and passion for making everyone around me look and have a flawless skin. I also realized that there are a whole lot of cheats out there with skincare brands, where information is placed just to benefit their product brand in a way. So this blog/brand exposes ingredients to the public, to be a test house for the public, manage skincare brands Clientele, refer skin care products, arrange and package safe products according to your appropriate skin type, thereby saving as much skins and money as best as we can through our help and advice and using the right skincare content without having to be worried. I personally have realized that having a naturally wonderful skin does not guarantee flawlessness, especially when the wrong skin care products is being used, so I can only imagine what people with problematic and sensitive skin go through. I am a firm believer that everyone can achieve same flawlessness by applying the right skin care product on their skin. and this is why weUSEDWHAT was birthed precisely on the 28th of May 2018. Skincare has always been a part of my life for a very long time and it took me time to realize it is one of my longest engagement and passion that had been passing out for free all these years, hence I knew it was time. Welcome once again to my blog and I hope you have fun around this arena. Stay Blessed and God bless you. Graduate of Psychology Certified Fashion Designer and Cream expert.

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