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Basically, there are five (5) skin types as seen in the picture above.

  1. Normal Skin Type
  2. Dry Skin Type
  3. Oily Skin Type
  4. Combination Skin Type
  5. Sensitive Skin Type.

I have read so much on the internet knowing your skin type and I must say that none exactly worked for me until I followed these steps am going to be sharing with you today, because these same steps worked for a few friends of mine, making it ripe to share them.



Having a combination skin type like myself, gave me so much difficulty determining my skin type, causing me a bit of confusion too and I believe will fix anyone out there who also get confused like myself back then. Before going into explaining each of these skin types, it is essential to determine where you fall under, so let us dive right into it.

Take your regular Night baths, washing your face as usual, only that this time, you avoid applying any night cream/Moisturiser to your face, *wink*. Hehehehehe.

By morning you set out to test that beautiful face of yours. Now, because its easier to use your hands, I will advise that you go wash your hands first, then you begin testing because it is bad to touch your face with dirty hands even if you are just waking up. I like to explain so much with the clearest of vocab, as I personally hate so much of grammar. *Teeth shinning*

  1. Dry skin: you may not need to even touch your face, as your face will feel dry, probably prickly and irritated too.

2. Normal skin type: you will neither feel oily nor dry in any region of your face, as your face would act like nothing happened because you will not have any form of weird feelings. It’s normal for your skin to produce a bit of oil generally because you did not apply any form of moisturiser, but it is nothing too excessive in certain regions of your face.

3. Combination Skin type: like myself, you start with your forehead. For some, you may see some oil stains on your hand, while for some you may not see any trace of oil, as it feels normal, because mine feels normal too.

Going down to your nose, with newly washed hands again touching your nose. How does it feel? Now look at your hands, it would look as if some invincible force poured oil on that nose alone. LOL, but seriously now, it will feel that oily, and you will see that your hand feels very oily as well, which is exactly how mine reacts.

Again washing your hands and testing your cheek region. This point will feel absolutely dry and just a bit flaky too, (same as mine). Washing your hands again or clean with a clean cloth, thereafter, touch your chin/jaw region which is below your lower lip. You are most likely going to feel oily at these regions too, just like mine, or may feel normal for some other people.

4. Oily Skin Type: wash your hands properly as stated above, following the same touch process of the combination skin type, touch your face and feel the general oil distribution of your face which feels like you were manufacturing oil on your face, *teeth Shinning*. (This is exactly the case of my husband). All jokes apart, it really feels oily and you can see this on your hands as well once looked at.

5. Sensitive Skin: just like dry skin, you will feel dry, flaky, and probably irritated, for some a bit of rash could have crept in overnight. LoL, or would even have some redness in certain sections of your face.



Note that a combination skin type, as well as any other skin type, could have some form of sensitivity too as in my case. So you would want to take that into consideration too.


Having determined your skin type, it’s important to know how to handle each of these skin types separately still with some personal twerking of yours as you get to understand your skin type even better. Click here to know the handling process.

Thank you for reading. God bless


Hi. My name is Nene Pearl Ojukwu. I started this blog and brand as a result of my Love and passion for making everyone around me look and have a flawless skin. I also realized that there are a whole lot of cheats out there with skincare brands, where information is placed just to benefit their product brand in a way. So this blog/brand exposes ingredients to the public, to be a test house for the public, manage skincare brands Clientele, refer skin care products, arrange and package safe products according to your appropriate skin type, thereby saving as much skins and money as best as we can through our help and advice and using the right skincare content without having to be worried. I personally have realized that having a naturally wonderful skin does not guarantee flawlessness, especially when the wrong skin care products is being used, so I can only imagine what people with problematic and sensitive skin go through. I am a firm believer that everyone can achieve same flawlessness by applying the right skin care product on their skin. and this is why weUSEDWHAT was birthed precisely on the 28th of May 2018. Skincare has always been a part of my life for a very long time and it took me time to realize it is one of my longest engagement and passion that had been passing out for free all these years, hence I knew it was time. Welcome once again to my blog and I hope you have fun around this arena. Stay Blessed and God bless you. Graduate of Psychology Certified Fashion Designer and Cream expert.

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