Skin Care Product review






TEST SKIN: MINE (Combination Skin)

Use/Test Period: Face cream (1 Week)

Soap still using (Over 3 Months)


Face Cream – 50ML/1.7 FL.OZ

PRICING: Soap – €9.17

Face Cream – €16.67


1. Aqua (Water) Sodium Tallowate
2. Glyceryl Stearate Sodium Palmate
3. Glycerin Aqua (Water)
4. Isopropyl Palmitate Sodium Cocoate
5. Dipropylene Glycol Glycerin
6. Betula Alba Parfum (Fragrance)
7. Glycyrrhiza Glabra Sunflower (Helianthus annuus) Seed oil
8. Citrus Limonum Carrot (Daucus carota sativa) oil
9. Sambucus Nigra Carrot (Daucus carota sativa) extract
10. Tilia Cordata Beta-carotene
11. Morus Nigra Prunus Armenaica (Apricot seed powder)
12. Cetearyl Alcohol Hydroxyisohexyl – 3 – Cyclohexene Carboxaldehyde
13. Paraffin Linalool
14. Parfum (Fragrance) Limonene
15. Daucus Carota Hexyl Cinnamal
16. Sodium Lactate Citronellol
17. Ethylhexyl Methoxycinnamate Geraniol
18. Allantoin Sodium Chloride
19. Ascorbic Acid Trisodium HEDTA
20. Sodium Lauryl Sulfate CI 12490
21. Sodium Metabisulfite BHT
22. Disodium EDTA
23. Hydroxyisohexyl – 3- Cyclohexene Carboxaldehyde
24. Linalool
25. Limonene
26. Hexyl Cinnamal
27. Citronellol
28. Geraniol
29. Butylphenyl Methylpropional
30. Coumarin
31. Benzyl Benzoate
32. Methylparaben
33. Propylparaben
34. P – Chloro – m – Cresol.




  • I noticed a bit of breakout on my face as a result of this soap and changed to a face wash (I will talk about also on this blog called MEDINIX) after the stated time frame. Breakout was not so much though, just a very few.
  • Face felt excessively dry on dry regions ( which is my cheeks), but felt okay on my t – zones which is a bit oily.
  • Caused a bit of redness besides my nose region.
  • Feels pretty good on my body, as I still use this soap on my body alone presently.
  • Soap also has a bit of exfoliating beads that exfoliate the skin when used directly to the skin.

Face Cream:

  • Gave me prickly feeling when used.
  • Had this pinching feeling.
  • Felt uncomfortable when used too.
  • Could not just withstand the feeling on my face and had to stop within the 1week I used.


Wow, do you my uniqueness see how long these ingredients are. God help us oh. Wawoo, *Hiss*.

Soap: I must say I loved the soap as I used it for quite a long time, but I just knew that something was not just feeling right about my face and had to stop the use of the soap on my face and got a different face wash on my face, which I will also be reviewing on its own.

Body: I still use this soap and I must say I love the feeling it gives me after a shower. It has a very pleasant FLOWERY smell too.

Will I be Purchasing again?

  1. NO, because I do not trust the site, as they took over 2 months to deliver and did not deliver all my order as well.
  2. There are also many Product contents to test and enjoy, so why should I stick to a brand.


Face cream: due to my reaction, I will say NO, though anyone can still give it a try, my skin type did not just react well to it. Remember weUSEDWHAT is here is save you time and money, *wink*. So your choice.

I hated buying the face cream, as it was a complete waste to me, even though I mixed on hands while rubbing my body lotion till it was finished as not to waste my money. LOL.

Soap: I love the soap and I am so sure it will react perfectly on a normal skin and an oily skin type because the points I broke out or rashed out was my chin and cheek region.

Its also felt good going to have my bath every time because of the perfect cleanliness I always felt and get.


I enjoyed and still enjoying using the soap on my body, but not much on my face.

hated the face cream completely.


Soap: Use daily as often as you bath.

Face Cream: Apply daily on the face, with emphasis on the areas to be treated.


DISCLAIMERPlease note that not all their product may contain the same kind of ingredients, however, this product content was tested by me personally and therefore I only give reviews based on product contents I or a trusted skin type have used and therefore conclusions were drawn based on that result.

Hi. My name is Nene Pearl Ojukwu. I started this blog and brand as a result of my Love and passion for making everyone around me look and have a flawless skin. I also realized that there are a whole lot of cheats out there with skincare brands, where information is placed just to benefit their product brand in a way. So this blog/brand exposes ingredients to the public, to be a test house for the public, manage skincare brands Clientele, refer skin care products, arrange and package safe products according to your appropriate skin type, thereby saving as much skins and money as best as we can through our help and advice and using the right skincare content without having to be worried. I personally have realized that having a naturally wonderful skin does not guarantee flawlessness, especially when the wrong skin care products is being used, so I can only imagine what people with problematic and sensitive skin go through. I am a firm believer that everyone can achieve same flawlessness by applying the right skin care product on their skin. and this is why weUSEDWHAT was birthed precisely on the 28th of May 2018. Skincare has always been a part of my life for a very long time and it took me time to realize it is one of my longest engagement and passion that had been passing out for free all these years, hence I knew it was time. Welcome once again to my blog and I hope you have fun around this arena. Stay Blessed and God bless you. Graduate of Psychology Certified Fashion Designer and Cream expert.

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