Skin Care Education


Details on How to Handle your Skin Type

Skin Care Basics are as follows:

  1. Cleanse
  2. Exfoliate
  3. Tone
  4. Moisturise (Oil, Serums, Creams).
  5. Protect (SPF)

Learn how to determine your skin type before you continue by clicking here.

  1. Normal Skin: these sets I call the blessed ones with the blessed type of skin. There are a few of them across the globe but really do exist and really do not break – out easily, because they do not need to fight oil, nor suffer dryness, neither do they have any cause to worry as such.

They can most likely use just about anything on their face and sometimes will even use their body products on their face, even though it’s completely wrong to do so, but off course, they get away with this almost all the time. I call them blessed.

Therefore they can follow the above skin care basics as listed.

2. Dry Skin: these sets tend to be a bit free over the summer, but get irritated sometimes when exposed to the sun, their skin gets easily red, especially if skin type is also sensitive, and this makes it difficult to separate a dry skin from a sensitive skin sometimes.


The Handling Process.

Generally, it is important for the use of Oily and Milk – based skin care products as advised for dry skin types. This helps to reduce dryness greatly.

Cleanse: as a matter of necessity, but avoiding very harsh and excessively skin drying agents. This is why we recommend an oil-based facial cleanser to keep skin healthy.

Exfoliating: should be a necessity and observed two times a week. This helps to sludge away dead skin cells, revealing a cleaner and brighter skin. This is why we recommend an oil-based exfoliant.

Tone: mildly toning as you wish, avoiding every form of alcohol-based toners.

Serum: adding this to your skin care regime will be great, as this will form a protective barrier and limit excessive oil production for this skin type.

We recommend the use of Oily and or Milk-based brightening serums because this will help enhance the look and texture of a dry facial skin.

Mask: by using an Oily – Milky leave on a mask, because this will help in revitalizing the facial skin. This can be used 1-2 times a week depending on your level financial capacity.

Moisturization: for a dry skin is highly imperative, especially during the winter and cold seasons.

Recommended Moisturizer: Oil-based moisturizer and or milk-based moisturizer.

3. Oily Skin: They, on the other hand, tend to be free during the winter period and more oily during the summer. I call them the shiny skin, or groundnut oil skin, lol. No, I am not mocking, just ascribed the names, so please do not feel sad.

The Handling Process

Cleanse: like other skin types, it is a general rule to cleanse, avoiding overly drying cleansers and face washes. This same principle applies to an oily skin, maintaining the natural oils on the face.

Exfoliating: should be a necessity and observed 2-3 times a week. This helps to sludge away dead skin cells, revealing a cleaner and brighter skin.

Toning: is important because it balances the Ph value of the skin for all skin types and also balances the oil on the skin, controlling excess oil production.

Serum: adding this to your skin care regime will be great, as this will form a protective barrier and limit excessive oil production for this skin type.

Mask: by using a mud mask because it does have a way of sucking up excess oil from the facial skin. We recommend a once a week or twice a month use, as this is completely dependant on your skin’s reaction.

Moisturization: is a must by applying a hydrating and a lightweight type of moisturizer, because this help the skin breathe properly, avoiding the face to feel too heavy, due to its oily nature.

It is advisable not to avoid oil on the face neither should you use an oil-free based moisturizer all in the event to stop oil, as that will only cause more distrust to the facial skin.

4. Combination Skin: this is exactly my kind of skin type, with a bit of sensitivity too which I recently discovered. This type of skin as described here makes it seem like the most difficult skin to handle if not discovered.

Using different skin care products on different sections of the face is difficult to achieve, so I will advise that all products should be balancing to the skin, thereby combating both the dry and oily sections of the face.

The Handling Process.

Cleanse: like other skin types, it is a general rule to cleanse, avoiding overly drying cleansers and face washes.

Using of oil and skin balancing products are advised, to avoid washing off the skin’s natural oils which will most likely make the facial skin turn out worse if done.

Exfoliating: should be a necessity for all skin type and observed 2 – 3 times a week.

Tone: personally I do not tone daily as my facial skin tend to be okay even if I tone or not. Therefore you should tone as your skin permits.

Serums: have been a great add-on to my skincare regime. They will be great adds to your skincare regime as well but can be left out until you can afford them because it is not a necessity.

Masking: for this type of skin is advised only if they can be afforded. Mud mask and or leave – on a mask can be used as both are beneficial and helpful for this type of mixed skin.

Moisturization: cannot be avoided for all skin types as regularly stated, but avoiding oil will do your skin great disservice, therefore using milk based and oil – balancing moisturizer will protect your face.

Milk-based moisturizers tend to work perfectly for my sensitive combination skin too.

Sensitive Skin: this skin type reacts almost like dry skin, so read through dry skin and follow, but please purchase products for your sensitive skin because they are mild and contain irritable ingredients for the skin.

I have met people who deal with hormonal acne, slightly oily, dry and sensitive skin type all on one skin.

It was a pain for me too, until we first discovered that hormonal acne was the case, the rest became history as we looked for matching products for them, avoiding products that would react to their skin type.

We tried several contents and based on those experiences we would love to be of help. Contact us if you fall under this category.


  • It is important to always work with your budget and spend wisely on skincare products, so as to avoid spending excessively without even realizing it.
  • Drinking room temperature water regularly will help keep all skin type properly hydrated and healthy.
  • Please avoid using body only products on the face, except stated otherwise.
  • It is important to apply the golden rule of cleansing, exfoliating, masking, toning, serum and moisturizing, but the application of serum and masking can be skipped if on a budget, or can’t be afforded.
  • Work with your budget, taking one product per time, as you can, so you do not need to break the bank. I am stressing this because skincare takes a process. Study your skin and know what it wants, how it reacts, and how to address it.

Thank you for always reading.

Hi. My name is Nene Pearl Ojukwu. I started this blog and brand as a result of my Love and passion for making everyone around me look and have a flawless skin. I also realized that there are a whole lot of cheats out there with skincare brands, where information is placed just to benefit their product brand in a way. So this blog/brand exposes ingredients to the public, to be a test house for the public, manage skincare brands Clientele, refer skin care products, arrange and package safe products according to your appropriate skin type, thereby saving as much skins and money as best as we can through our help and advice and using the right skincare content without having to be worried. I personally have realized that having a naturally wonderful skin does not guarantee flawlessness, especially when the wrong skin care products is being used, so I can only imagine what people with problematic and sensitive skin go through. I am a firm believer that everyone can achieve same flawlessness by applying the right skin care product on their skin. and this is why weUSEDWHAT was birthed precisely on the 28th of May 2018. Skincare has always been a part of my life for a very long time and it took me time to realize it is one of my longest engagement and passion that had been passing out for free all these years, hence I knew it was time. Welcome once again to my blog and I hope you have fun around this arena. Stay Blessed and God bless you. Graduate of Psychology Certified Fashion Designer and Cream expert.

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